about the author

Traveling, bicycles, and friends… that’s pretty much all I care about…

Well, that’s not strictly true.  Though I mostly tend to write about those things, I also enjoy avocados, radishes, shiny objects, campfires, German beer, Irish whiskey, history books, geography games, wrenches and grease, buttons and levers, banjos and turntables, politics and economics, practically all types of music, and all sorts of other experiences and things.  I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.

Feedback is always welcomed, appreciated and reciprocated — please feel free to write me or comment!

  1. charlie says:

    I love your stuff. when are you posting more?
    where are you?

    I am eager to know where you are drinking, who you’re getting into trouble with, what’s under your fingernails…?

    anyway great travels great writing.

    rubber side down


  2. Nich, it was good to meet you in San Diego. Thanks for sharing your blog, which is rather overwhelming. I’ve gone through half of Mongolia, and see that this is rather a bookish blog that is very well written with lots of interesting stuff. I hope you consider putting this into a publishable book because it is so fascinating – but that is secondary to your continual enjoyment of being a travel geek and seeing the world like few people do. I wish you could go to Fiji and visit Naraiwaya in the interior and pass my regards to Sierlo and Lasakula.

  3. Gloria Marquardt says:

    Nicholas told me about your website. I am enjoying it and look forward to your new posts. My niece has a travel blog at lonelygirltravels. She is heading to Cambodia for 3 months, so will be posting about that trip.

  4. Andrew Wilke says:

    Hey Nich,

    Enjoyed reading your April entry A LOT ! Thanks for taking my achy bones on a journey I’ll never take …to a destination we all find eventually …inevitably …including the disrespectful.

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